Bilty: Meaning & uses of Transport bilty

Bilty is the word that is used in the work of transportation lines in any sector. As we know, if any businessman doing any trade for an item or product to sell or purchase then he must have to use transportation service.

Because he has to deliver the product from one place to another place for completing the trade. If you want to deliver any item then you will have to contact the transportation service providers. In case of transportation of an item, you will hear about Bility.

So today in this post, we will try to understand Bilty meaning, Bilty definition, Bilty uses, Bilty Format, Bilty copies, etc.

What is the meaning of Bilty?

Bilty or Bilti is another name used for Consignment Note. A consignment Note is a transportation receipt that is issued for the transportation of goods from one place to another place in the same state or out of state. It is issued by any transport company or logistic company. It contains details of the transporter, consignor, and consignee. And it becomes a piece of supporting evidence for the transportation of goods.

What types of details are contained by bilty?

You will see many details in Bilti such as

  1. Transporter Name
  2. Transporter Address
  3. GSTIN Number of Transporter
  4. Consignment Note Number or GR Number and date
  5. Place of delivery and delivered from
  6. Consignor and consignee name, address, and GSTIN Number
  7. And details of goods such as Number, description, weight, charges, rate, and freight.
  8. It will also contain whether freight is paid or To pay.
  9. Tax invoice Number and date
  10. Sign & stamp of Transporter.

How many copying of bilty issued by transporter?

For transportation of goods, 4 copies are issued by the transporter-

  1. Office Copy or Transport Copy
  2. Consignor Copy
  3. Consignee Copy
  4. Driver Copy

What is the format of Bilty?

The format of Bilty is unique and issued in the form of 4 copies containing details of Transporter, consignor, and Consignee. You can see below the format of Bilti-

What is the uses of Bilti?

These are the uses of Bilti-

  1. Required for transportation of goods by road by a truck
  2. supporting document for transportation
  3. Supporting document for consignor
  4. And supporting documents for the consignee
  5. It becomes evidence of delivery of goods in case of audit( required in companies).

Can be delivered goods without bilti?

Yes, if you are using any transport agency for delivery of your goods from one place to another place then the transport required to issue a bilti ( consignment note) for transportation. If you are trying to deliver any goods without bilti then it can be risky for you because a GST office can stop you and can demand related documents such as tax invoices, Eway, bilti. And proper GST officers can cease your goods in the absence of documents.

How to get a transport Bilty?

You will get a transport bilty when you will send your goods by transport through the transport company or transport agency. The transporter will issue a bilti for your goods which is required to be delivered on the basis of tax invoice generated by you. And the transport will charge freight according to the weight of goods.

Further faqs on bilty

  1. 1. What is bilty Number?

    Bilty Number is a consignment note number that is preprinted or mentioned in the bilty generated by a Transport agency or company for the delivery of any goods or products. Bilty number also can be called G.R Number means Goods Receipt Number.

  2. 2. What is the meaning of transport bilty?

    Transport Bilty means a bilty is issued by the transport for transportation of goods from one place to another place. Because it is generated by transport so it is called transport bilty.

  3. 3. What is preprinted transport bilty?

    Preprinted transport bilty means the bilty issued by the transport through the preprinted bilty books. In this bilty just you have to write transport details related to the product. It is the booklet of transport bilty.

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    Thanks for enlightenment on tjis subject. I have a doubt regarding this that is
    I m a GTA registered in odisha and transported used house of good of a govt employee from Delhi and delivered it to Rajasthan. basically I am a commission Agent and do not own a vehicle. Can I issue Consignment Note to the individual for above mentioned destination from Delhi to Rajasthan being my office in Odisha. No other branches in anywhere in India. and also explain the if transportation of house hold is exempted from GST ?

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