• IPO Registrar: A list of IPO registrars in India


    IPO Registrar in India IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) are significant events in the financial market, where companies raise capital by offering their shares to the public for the first time.…

  • UPIC: Unique Property Identification Code in Delhi


    A UPIC Card will be issued to the owner for each property means in the case of owners having multiple properties, they will receive a Card for each property.

  • How to add name in birth certificate online?

    how to add name in birth certificate online delhi

    To add name in birth certificate online in Delhi, you need to get the birth certificate without name first. Then you can apply online at home without visiting anywhere. But…

  • Delhi EWS/DG Admission for 23-24, Eligibility, Dates

    Delhi EWS/DG Admission for 21-22, Eligibility, Dates

    Delhi Online Application Form For Admission under EWS/DG category for session 2023-24. The Directorate of Education, Every year keeps some reserved seats for the students who are from the category…

  • Globalization partners in India

    globalization partners in India

    Globalization partners in India- As we know globalization means interconnectedness among countries through various relationships. And there are so many types of technologies available at present for expanding some things…

  • 25B-Physical verification of the regd. office

    25B-Physical verification of the regd. office

    25B rule under the Companies (Incorporation) Third amendment rules 2022. Rule 25B was inserted after rule 25A in the companies (Incorporation) rules 2014. What is rule 25B under the companies…

  • Bilty: Meaning & uses of Transport bilty


    Bilty is the word that is used in the work of transportation lines in any sector. As we know, if any businessman doing any trade for an item or product…