What is the Revenue Receipts in Accounting

Receipts that are obtained in course of normal business activities are revenue receipts

The features of Revenue Receipts

1-– Receipts in course of normal business activities 2-– Credited to the Profit and Loss Account. 3-Earned in short term.

Examples of Revenue receipts

1– Interest earned 2– Rent received 3– Discounts received from suppliers, vendors, or creditors 4– Dividend received and etc.

Revenue receipt- receipts from the sale of goods or services, interest income, etc. Capital Receipt-receipts from the sale of fixed assets.

Difference between Revenue receipt and Capital Receipt

Find out nature of Receipt

Receipt from the sale of Rs 10000 in cash is (a) Capital receipt (b) Revenue receipt (c) Capital expenditures

Answer- (b) Revenue Receipt

More Faqs on revenue receipts

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