There are so many issues of banking in online or offline mode which can be solved now

  • Mahila Samman bachat Patra or Scheme

    Mahila Samman Bachat Patra

    Mahila Samman bachat Patra is a one-time new small saving scheme for a period of 2 years with a deposit facility of up to 2 lacks for women. This scheme…

  • What is the Udyam Registration Number?

    Udyam registration Number

    Udyam Registration Number Udyam Registration number is a 19-digit unique identification number provided by the government to all MSMEs (Micro, Small Medium Enterprises). This number will be given to the…

  • Refer to Drawer (04-09) cheque return reasons

    refer to drawer

    “Refer to Drawer” reason code no (04-09) will explain the exact reasons. First of all, we need to know all the reasons for the list of check return reasons. Refer…

  • IMPS Full form| Charges| Limit| Uses, etc

    IMPS Full form Charges Limit Uses benefits etc

    IMPS provides strong & real-time fund transfer which offers an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service that could be accessed on multiple channels like Mobile, Internet, ATM, and SMS.…

  • CTS full form & How CTS system works?


    CTS full form CTS full form is Cheque Truncation System. It is the best project of the Reserve bank of India for making the cheque clearance system faster. Today, in…

  • RTGS full form in banking


    RTGS full form in banking RTGS is one of the best systems in banking where there is a continuous and real-time settlement of fund transfers, individually on a transaction-by-transaction basis.…

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