Refer to Drawer (04-09) cheque return reasons

Refer to Drawer reason code no (04-09) will explain the exact reasons. First of all, we need to know all the reasons for the list of check return reasons. Refer to the drawer’s reason for cheque return happens most of the time in banking. So if it is happening again and again then we need to know the detail of the exact reason.

What is the meaning of Refer to Drawer?

Refer to Drawer is a cheque return reason and specified request by the bank to the drawee for contact to the Drawer for solving the issues. Normally, this reason tells us that there is no balance in the drawer’s bank account for clearing a presented cheque. And there may be more reasons which are specified below:

What are the reasons for referring to the drawer?

Some other specific reasons for (refer to drawer 04 code)

  1. Insufficiency of funds
  2. Any specific restriction imposed on the cheque drawers from the bank.
  3. The bank has marked the cheque drawers for any pending documentation.
  4. and the incomplete requirement of banks by the drawers.
  5. The drawer doesn’t want to allow that payment.
  6. Sometimes, a cheque will be returned for technical reasons for irregular drawing or some other reason, even though sufficient balance is there to pass the cheque.
  7. And sometimes the bank does not want to destroy the reputation of the drawer in the view of the payee.
  8. Sometimes, a cheque will be returned for technical reasons for irregular drawing, or for some other reason.

04 Refer to Drawer

Refer to Drawer’s exact meaning is that there are insufficient funds in the drawer’s bank account. So due to a lack of funds issuing bank does not honor a cheque. And the cheque is returned to the payee bank with the reason “refer to drawer” meaning the cheque is dishonored. So please contact the issuer of a cheque for more detail.

Now In this case as a payee, you should contact the issuer of the cheque and say to have a balance in the bank account to present the cheque again for clearing.

05 Kindly contact drawer/drawee bank and please present again

It can be easily understood from the reason because the reason is clear that you should contact the drawer of the cheque as a payee. And should clear the cheque return issue by discussing it with the drawer of the cheque.

After solving the issue, You should present the same cheque to the bank for the clearing if the drawer’s bank account has sufficient funds.

In the list of cheque return reasons contain refer to Drawers code (04-09) but code 04-05 is mostly seen which needs to understand and code 06 to 09 is not mostly seen. In banking, there are so many issues related to cheque return reasons due to so many frauds happening. And there are so many court cases running in which a reason only cheque return due to the list of check return reasons.


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