What is GSTR 11 & How to file GSTR-11 online?

What is GSTR 11?

GSTR-11 is a return for showing a statement of inward supply of goods or services or both received by a UIN holder (Unique Identity Number).

Form GSTR-11 is to be filed by persons who have been assigned a Unique Identity Number (UIN). It is a statement of inward supply of goods or services or both received by a UIN holder.

Persons having Unique Identification Number (UIN) are required to file Form GSTR-11.

How to file GSTR 11 Return online?

The taxpayer who has been assigned a Unique Identity Number (UIN) can file the GSTR11 return on GST Portal with the help of these following steps-

Login and Navigate to GSTR11 page on Portal

  • First of all, Access the GST Portal or www.gst.gov.in URL. The GST Home page will display.
  • Then Log in to the GST Portal with valid credentials.
  • After that, Click the Services > Returns > Return Dashboard command.
  • Alternatively, you can also click the Returns Dashboard link on the Dashboard.
  • The File Returns page is displayed. Select the Financial Year & Return Filing Period (Month) for which you want to file the return from the drop-down list
  • Then click the SEARCH button
  • Now the Files Returns page will display. In the GSTR11 tile, click the PREPARE ONLINE button if you want to prepare the return by making online entries on the GST Portal.
  • And click the PREPARE OFFLINE button if you want to prepare the return by the offline tools.
  • Then GSTR11 – Quarterly Return page will display.

Enter the required details in various tiles

  • 3A – Details of Invoices received-Details of Invoices received tile to enter details of taxable inward supplies received from registered taxpayers.
  • 3B – Details of Credit/Debit Notes received-Details of Credit/Debit Notes received tile to enter details of credit/debit notes received from registered taxpayers.

Preview GSTR-11

  • Once you have entered all the details
  • Then click the PREVIEW button.
  • And then this button will download the draft Summary page of your GSTR11 for your review.
  • Further, the taxpayer is recommended to download this Summary page and review the summary of entries made in different sections with patience before submitting GSTR11 and the PDF file generated would bear the watermark of the draft.
  • Keep in mind, The submit button will freeze the invoices uploaded in the GSTR11 for that particular month.

File GSTR-11 with DSC/ EVC

  • Now the return will have to verify then click the FILE WITH DSC or FILE WITH EVC button to file the FORM GSTR11.
  • If filing with DSC
  • Then click the PROCEED button.
  • and select the certificate and click the SIGN button.
  • If filing with EVC
  • Then enter the OTP sent on the e-mail and mobile phone number of the Authorized Signatory registered at the GST Portal, and click the VERIFY button.
  • Then the success message will display. Refresh the page.
  • Notes: The status of GSTR11 changes to Filed.
  • On filing GSTR11, notification along with the generated ARN is sent to the Authorized Signatory through e-mail and SMS.
  • Then click the BACK button.

When GSTR-11 is mandatory to file?

The GSTR11 is to be filed on a quarterly basis. However, the form is not mandatory to be filed for such a period in which there are no inward supplies received by such a UIN holder.

However, before claiming a refund through Form GST RFD-10, filing of Form GSTR11 is necessary for that relevant quarter.

Who needs to file the GSTR11 return?

You are to file GSTR-11 if having Unique Identification Number (UIN).

Persons having Unique Identification Number (UIN) are required to file Form GSTR11.

What happens after the GSTR-11 return is filed?

After return GSTR11 is filed

  1. ARN is generated on the successful filing of the Form GSTR11 Return.
  2. An SMS and email will be sent to the mobile number of authorized signatory of the UIN Holder on the successful submission of Form.
  3. A link would be made available to generate GST RFD-10 for claiming a refund on the Returns Filing for GST GSTR 11 page

What is the due date of filing GSTR-11?

There is no due date for the Filing of Form GSTR-11. UIN holder can file Form GSTR-11 any time after the end of the relevant Quarter.

How to download GSTR 11 FORM PDF?

You can download this form from GST PORTAL online or can download from this link-FORM PDF

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