GSTIN Number-What is GST Number?

GSTIN NUMBER- This is a unique 15-digit alpha-numeric PAN-based code allotted to every registered person under Goods and Service Tax (GST). This GST number is provided to the GST taxpayer along with the GST registration certificate, and the GST number also allows tracking of a registered Taxpayer.

This post will help you to know more and more about GSTIN NUMBER.

What is GSTIN Number?

  1. The GSTIN Number is a unique number containing 15 digits
  2. It is based on PAN numbers.
  3. It is firstly replaced at the place of old tax identification no for example TIN NO, Service Tax No, etc after the implementation of GST Tax at the places of many Indirect taxes in India.
  4. And after that, this is the unique no provided to every businessman on registration of GST under the GST act.

What is the full form of GSTIN?

  1. The GSTIN means Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or GST Identification Number for the taxpayer.
  2. It has 15 digits alphanumerical code based on Pan Number and state because of this you can identify the taxpayer type and business.
  3. GSTIN No is a unique identification no for the taxpayer which is provided to the taxpayer through the GST Department after the GST registration online.
  4. The GSTIN is very important to identify the taxpayer.

How can I get GSTIN Number?

  1. First of all, You are to register yourself for GST Registration online on GST PORTAL.
  2. You will have to follow the GST Registration process as required.
  3. For getting a registration you will have to fulfill the requirement of GST registration.
  4. But before Registration, you will have to understand your liability to get registration.
  5. Because it depends on your liability to pay tax under the GST ACT.
  6. The person is liable to get GSTIN No who is in the business of supplying goods and services or both in the state or out of state.
  7. And whose aggregate turnover exceeds the limit of Rs. 40 lakhs (for normal category states) and Rs. 20 lakh (for special category states) in case of a supply of goods
  8. And Rs. 20 lack (for norman category states) and Rs. 10 lakh (for special category states) in case of a supply of services.
  9. After all, in some cases, it is compulsory to get GST Registration.
  10. And if you want GSTIN No then you can register as Voluntary Registration also.
  11. Finally, when your application for registration is approved then the GSTIN Number will be issued to the applicant by providing a GST REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.

What does GSTIN Number look like?

  1. Basically, the GSTIN No is based on your Pan No so you can see it includes your Pan No.
  2. It includes 15 digits of alphanumerical codes based on your Pan No.
  3. For example- 07AABBC0000C1ZM, 06AABBC0000E2Z5, 01AABBC0000E8Z9
  4. And each digit of GSTIN has an diffrent identity or definition.
  5. It looks like as bellow highlighted 15 digit code is a GSTIN No

What is the format of the GSTIN number?

  1. The format of the GSTIN No looks very simple to understand after knowing it deeply.
  2. The GSTIN Format includes 15 digits of alphanumerical code based on Pan No.
  3. Now we will see a full explanation with this example- GSTIN NO- 07AACCV9022B1Z2
07These are the first two digits that can be between 01-35 which indicates the state code for the registration as per the Indian census 2011.
Here 07 denotes DELHI which means the GSTIN No is registered in Delhi.
AACBecause GSTIN NO is pan-based so now we can see also the format of Pan NO.
These are the three first upper letters of Pan No which can be in an alphabets letter from AAA TO ZZZ
And this three-letter can be any out of these letters
CThis is the fourth letter of your Pan No which denotes the type of the Pan No, GSTIN No holder.
This shows the type of taxpayer which is as follows:
A Association of persons (AOP)
B Body of Individuals (BOI)
C Company
F Firm
G Government
H HUF (Hindu undivided family)
L Local authority
J Artificial juridical person
P Individual (proprietor)
T Trust (AOP)
F LLP (limited liability partnership)
So you can see the letter C indicates that it’s a company.
VThis is the 5th letter of the Pan No which indicates the first character of the surname or last name of the person in the case of individual (proprietor).
And the name of the entity, society, company, firm, organization and etc.
9022These four digits are the numeric digits that can be any number.
BThis is the last tenth character of your Pan NO which is an alphabetic digit used as a check-sum to verify the validity of that current code.
1This is the 13th digit of the GST Number is the entity code.
It refers to the order in which registrations were made by a legal entity that has multiple registrations within the same state.
In case a single legal entity has 2 business verticals registered within the same state, the first registration will have 1 as the 13th digit while the second registration will have 2 as the 13th digit.
ZZ by default under the format of GSTIN No.
2The last digit of the GSTIN NO is currently used as a check code and maybe a number or alphabet that has been assigned randomly.

How to search GSTIN Number by Pan Number?

  1. Sometimes we have Pan No but the GSTIN No is required when we can use the simple process to search GSTIN by the available Pan No.
  2. First of all, we will search in google GST PORTAL Then on GST Portal go to Menu Search Taxpayer then Search by Pan No option.
  3. Then enter the available Pan No (Permanent Account No)
  4. Then Type the characters you see in the image and
  5. After that Just click on the SEARCH button
  6. Now you can see that a list of GSTIN NO will be available for you issued on the bases of available Pan No according to state code and active status.
  7. After that, you will have the GSTIN No based on the available Pan No now you can find the details about that GSTIN NO as per the below steps.

How to search taxpayer detail by GSTIN Number?

  1. There is a simple process to find out any taxpayer detail by GSTIN No.
  2. First of all, you will have to search for the GST PORTAL because of the availability of GSTIN SEARCH TAXPAYER TOOL on it.
  3. On the GST portal go to the menu Search Taxpayer then Search by GSTIN/UIN.
  4. Now enter the GSTIN No for which you want to search the details.
  5. Then enter and type the characters you see in the image.
  6. And click on the SEARCH button.
  7. And now you can see the details of GSTIN for example
  8. The legal name of the business, Trade name, Centre, state jurisdiction, Date of Registration and constitution of business, And the taxpayer type or GSTIN Status.
  9. And after all, you can access the GSTIN holder, and GST returns file status.

How to search the taxpayer detail by pan number?

  1. Sometimes people want to search taxpayer detail by Pan No but you can not search directly details by Pan No.
  2. First of all, you will have to search the GSTIN No with the help of Pan No on GST PORTAL INDIA after that it is possible to find out the details with the help of GSTIN NO.
  3. Because there is a difference between the GSTIN NO and Pan NO.
  4. And the GSTIN is based on Pan No and we can find the details by GSTIN NO.
  5. Now you will have to follow the steps which are given in the above question
  6. Just click on this link for a detailed view.

How to search the taxpayer address by GSTIN Number?

  1. Firstly if you have not GSTIN No then you are to find out GSTIN No by pan no.
  2. If you want to search GSTIN No by pan no then go to this link HOW TO SEARCH GST TAXPAYER DETAIL BY GSTIN, PAN NO
  3. Then go to google search engine or type E-WAY BILL or open a weblink-
  4. After visiting the e-waybill portal just click on the menu-Search then Taxpayer
  5. Now you are to enter GSTIN No of a dealer and captcha value and click on the go button.
  6. Finally, you will see the address of the taxpayer based on GSTIN No and can be used for the generation of invoices.

How to search the Taxpayer type by GSTIN Number?

  1. Hence, In the generation of invoices, the Taxpayer type is necessary to mention and it is also necessary to mention in GST Returns.
  2. Therefore the taxpayer will have to search taxpayer type by the GSTIN No online or offline.
  3. Now the question is how to find so there is a simple process that will have to follow to search taxpayer type.
  4. On the GST portal go to the menu Search Taxpayer then Search by GSTIN/UIN.
  5. Now enter the GSTIN No for which you want to search the details.
  6. Then enter and type the characters you see in the image.
  7. And click on the SEARCH button.
  8. And now you can see the details of GSTIN for the taxpayer in which you can see a Taxpayer type as Regular or Composition Scheme.

How to search the composition taxpayer by GSTIN No?

  1. Here is a simple process to search the composition taxpayer by GSTIN No same as above
  2. First of all, search in Google GST PORTAL
  3. On the GST portal go to the menu Search Taxpayer then Search Composition Taxpayer.
  4. Then search for the taxpayer who opts in or opts out of the composition scheme during the year.
  5. Then choose the option of GSTIN/UIN base or STATE base to confirm the taxpayer composition taxpayer or not.
  6. If you will choose GSTIN/UIN base then Enter the GSTIN NO and type the character you see in the image and click on the SEARCH button.
  7. Now if the Taxpayer detail is showing then he is a composition Taxpayer otherwise he is not a composition taxpayer.
  8. Here you can see the available details of the taxpayer if he is a composition taxpayer or he chooses to opt in for composition taxpayer or he chooses to opt out from composition taxpayer.
  9. And you also can search for taxpayers on the bases of state.
  10. In this case, you will have to choose a state then choose a financial year then have to enter the taxpayer’s legal name and characters of the image, and click on SEARCH.
  11. And it will show the detail if he is a composition taxpayer or chooses to opt-in or out.
  12. Just check yourself to understand the ways to search.

How many ways to search GSTIN Numbers?

There are so many ways to search GSTIN Number in India because of the new implementation of the GST tax where a GSTIN No is provided to the Taxpayer.

Here is the list of ways to search GSTIN Numbers-

  1. GSTIN search by name
  2. The GSTIN search Pan No
  3. The GSTIN search by Service tax no
  4. GSTIN search by Tin no
  5. The GSTIN search by company name
  6. GSTIN can be demanded from the taxpayer(customer).

How to search GSTIN NO by name?

Sometimes we do not have more detail about taxpayers except the name of taxpayers in that case how to search taxpayer GSTIN by name.

There is a simple process to search GSTIN by name

  1. First of all search in Google how to search GSTIN no by name.
  2. you will some results- there will be first suggestion GST PORTAL link and second is a site address just go for it.
  3. This website has a facility to search GSTIN by name
  4. Now open the website and type the name of the taxpayer or company, firm, or individual name.
  5. And click on the search button you will get the name-related result showing GSTIN No.
  6. Now try yourself if any problem persists then comment here.

Why GSTIN Number is important in India?

The GSTIN no is very important in India for the Indian Taxpayer because this is a Taxpayer identification no and this is the base for the search of the taxpayer. It is highly required for the taxpayer if he has a business of outward and inward supply of goods and services in India. The taxpayer is liable to pay GST tax or not, it depends on the GST returns based on GSTIN Number.

What is the cost of the GSTIN Number?

  1. There is a zero cost of GSTIN Number because it has free registration for getting a GSTIN No.
  2. There is no cost if you will register yourself online by providing the required documents.
  3. But if you will get it registered with the help of others then they can charge you for GST Registration.
  4. This is the reason due to some people think it is costly but if you will register yourself by getting some basic registration knowledge online then it will be free of cost for you.
  5. Because The GST Department does not charge for GST Registration but the Registration fees can be charged by the mediator who is helping you to register for GSTIN online.

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