13 GST State Code for Nagaland

13 GST state code is representing the GST state code for Nagaland in India. 13 is the two-digit code. And It is used as the first two-digit in the GSTIN No of a taxpayer of Nagaland. It is used for the identification of the state or UT.

For example– A Taxpayer who is doing business in Nagaland and has a business place in Nagaland. Now he will get a GSTIN No after GST Registration Online. Such as 13AACCF8045D1ZM, in this GSTIN No, you will see that the first two digits are representing Nagaland. It means this GSTIN NO belongs to Nagaland and having a business place or location in Nagaland.

What is GST State Code for Nagaland?

GST State Code for Nagaland is 13 and has values under the GST system in India. This is the first two digits of a GSTIN NO of a taxpayer belonging to Nagaland. And having a place of business in Nagaland.

Nagaland GST CODE

For the 13 GST State code example, check out the below image here first two digits indicate the state code of Meghalaya -17 and if you see 13 at the place of 17 then it will indicate the GST state code of Nagaland as 13AACCV9022B1Z2.

GSTIN Number: Search Taxpayer by GSTIN/UIN and GSTIN clarification

13 GST code of which state?

  1. 13 GST State code belongs to Nagaland in India.
  2. It will be available in GSTIN No of the GST taxpayer of Nagaland only.
  3. 13 GST State code represents the first two digits in GSTIN No.
  4. It will not represent any other State because it belongs to Nagaland
  5. you can identify the GSTIN No as belonging to Nagaland if you will see the first two digits are 13.

Where can I find the GST code for Nagaland?

You can find the GST state code for Nagaland under the list of GST state codes which is available on GOOGLE or on the GST Portal. Because it is usable for the identification of the state of any GST taxpayer who is doing business in India.

We have also available a list of the GST state codes. And you can use it for searching your GST state code just by visiting the list available below

S.NoState NameState GST Code
1Jammu and Kashmir (UT)01
2Himachal Pradesh02
4Chandigarh (UT)04
7Delhi (UT)07
9Uttar Pradesh09
12Arunachal Pradesh12
19West Bengal19
23Madhya Pradesh23
25Daman and Diu25
26Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Daman and Diu (UT)26
30Lakshadweep (UT)31
33Puducherry (UT)34
34Andaman and Nicobar Islands (UT)35
36Andhra Pradesh37
37Ladakh (UT)38
38Other Country97
GST State code list and Jurisdiction pdf

What is the difference between the Nagaland State code or the Nagaland GST state code?

This is the difference between Nagaland state code and the Nagaland GST state code-

Nagaland GST state codeNagaland State code
Represents the first two digits of GSTIN No of NagalandRepresents a short form of Nagaland
It is used in GSTIN No only for identification of the state or UTIt can be used anywhere in written or oral as a short form of Nagaland

Faqs on Nagaland GST code

1. Which state in India does the GST state code “13” represent?

The GST code “13” represents Nagaland in India.

2. What is the significance of the GST state code in Nagaland?

The GST code “13” is used to identify businesses, taxpayers, and transactions associated with Nagaland for Goods and Services Tax (GST) purposes. It helps in ensuring proper tax administration and compliance within the state.

3. What is the GST Number of Nagaland?

A GST number represents a taxpayer of a state in India. So for example, A taxpayer Suny Gupta in Nagaland has GST Number-13DKKPS2852A1ZM.

4. Can I use the GST code “13” for transactions outside Nagaland?

No, the 13 GST code specifically corresponds to Nagaland. It should be used only for transactions occurring within the boundaries of Nagaland.

5. What if I mistakenly use the GST code “13” for transactions outside Nagaland?

It’s essential to use the correct GST state code for accurate reporting and compliance. If you use the GST code “13” for transactions outside Nagaland, it may lead to incorrect tax calculations and non-compliance with GST regulations. It’s advisable to use the correct state code for the respective state where the transaction occurs.

6. What is the 13 GST state code in Nagaland?

It indicates the code of gst referencing a particular state in India. So 13 is the code of Nagaland State for identifying a GSTIN no of Nagaland.

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